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Virumandi is released in India on 12th of November, 2018. This is the 5th film from Udhayanidhi Stalin, Tamil movie in the year of 2019. Virumandi  .
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Loading a script with iframe still executes code in the parent window. How do I stop it?

I have a javascript file that I am using with iFrame.
One of the scripts loads the script dynamically using some code I found on StackOverflow.
My problem is that the code inside the parent script gets executed as well, while the script only loads inside the iFrame.
Is there a way to tell iFrame to not execute any code?


There are a few ways to do this.
The simplest is just not to include the script tag in the iframe. The parent should avoid linking to that script if it is a security issue.

Another would be to look for the window.parent

if (window.parent) {

if (window.parent) {
window.parent.document.getElementById(‘log’).innerHTML += ‘a

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