Quick Report Delphi 2010 Full Version LINK ☝

Quick Report Delphi 2010 Full Version LINK ☝


Quick Report Delphi 2010 Full Version

Q: what is so complex about a label
A: it must be related to the value of a cell.
Q: is fast report designer also different from fast
A: Yes, because fast report designer runs on windows platform and fast report.NET runs on any OS.
Q: what is a report designer
A: It is a tool to write the rdl file.
Q: what kind of languages are you familiar with?????
A: Any programming language which supports ODBC. Open Source ones are VB6, VB.NET, Delphi, C++, etc. We can also use a native console applications to write the rdl file.
Q: are there any videos to walk you through this topic
A: Yes, here:

Q: is the desktop version available
A: yes, we have a important blog about application development using Visual Delphi 2009 / 2010: and also a very important document about RDB Access Engine Query tool: fast report %40 null

Q: is there a sample/tutorial that i can use as template for my reports

Q: I need to create reports for an application of my own that uses mysql and its data, is there anything i can use for templates?
A: The base of my fast reports is the Database Functions of SQL Developer by HP. We must use a database connection in Fast Report.NET or Visual Studio.
Q: the way that you present the tables, would be nice if you can direct me into a site where i can try it first, without having to go buy it
Q: is there a way of saving a form, that i can use the data in a new fast report
A: Yes, you can use form which is Saved and save in any text document, file

Q: is it possible to dropdown a report to show the values of a column on multiples pages
A: Yes, you can use Row functions.[winmac-[latest-2022657[2022latest[3264bit-updated-2022


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