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If your job involves keeping track of numerous projects and team members, than you might have already heard of Notion. The program is basically an all-in-one workspace that allows real-time collaboration and offers various organizing and document-editing tools.
One of its functions is creating lists of links which you and your team members can use for future reference. With Notion Web Clipper for Google Chrome, you can add links to Notion’s databases directly from your web browser.
An uninterrupted research experience
When done right, researching the web can be a rewarding and engaging experience, but one that you can easily get lost in. You may have often found yourself jumping from link to link until you forgot relevant pieces of information that you had found just minutes earlier. If only you had remembered to save your links…
Well, Notion Web Clipper allows you to do this with just two clicks, without having to copy the link, leave the browser and paste it somewhere in the Notion application. It may not sound like much, but this can actually help your research seem less fragmented. Once you get used to this simple process, your browsing experience might run a lot smoother.
Is that all?
Even though it’s just a lightweight extension, Notion Web Clipper offers one extra function that can help you organize a project better. Namely, you can create new databases when you save a link, if you feel that your project doesn’t already have a category where this specific link would fit. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to rename the new database, unless you go to Notion’s interface. This can be considered a small drawback, but at least you know you’ll have all your links in one place.
While Notion Web Clipper isn’t a very powerful tool, it has the potential to become a key part of your workflow when used together with the application.







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✔ Create a complete library of useful links
✔ Create new databases when saving a link
✔ Save the link to a new database, which can be saved, too
✔ Extract links from webpages
✔ Save webpages to Notion
✔ Save links to Notion
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Make the most out of your web browser and work faster.
Web Clipper is a Chrome extension, which helps you save links from the web right to Notion.

Awarded Apps – Best Collaboration & Productivity Tools for Google Chrome

It helps you create organized lists of links and store your favourite websites in one app. It’s pretty much an all-in-one workspace, offering a variety of organizing and document-editing tools.
With this extension installed, your web browsing experience can be a lot less annoying and more fun. You can save links from the web and use them within Notion, even without having to leave the browser. Using the extension, you can create new databases, which you can name and rename. You can also export them.
The Web Clipper extension comes bundled with a variety of tools, which you can use to build, document, and collaborate on your projects. Most of the tools will pop up when you click on the Notion icon on the extensions panel in the browser.
However, you can also use this extension directly from your browser, without the need to install the extension. This makes the Web Clipper a very important tool for any team that works with lots of links and documents. In addition, the extension works with almost every site and will display a ‘+’ button at the bottom of the browser, next to the omnibox. This button will let you save and load links for Notion.
Add, organize and keep everything in one place
Any list of links that you are creating can be attached to a database within Notion.
To add a new database, click on the ‘+’ button on the extension’s panel, select the database you wish to create and name it. This will give you a plus symbol in the corner of your browser, which you can use to add links to Notion. To edit the database you’ve added, click on the word database, and you will be taken to the properties page for that database. Click on the ‘Edit’ button, and you’ll be able to rename the database, as well as the list.
The Web Clipper can create databases from different sources. The database can be a URL, a webpage, a file, a media file, etc. It’s up to you to decide what sources you can use. You can also modify which files it can create databases from.
You can then

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Save URLs from web pages to OneNote, Evernote, Tiddlywiki, Shelf and a unique Notion database.
Also save links from emails as well as files on the desktop to Notion. Web clipper will place the URL from the page you are on in the clipboard and add the notes at the bottom of the page.

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Mankind designs some of the best inventions. From the great bridges we cross, to the computers we use, it is mankind’s ingenuity that creates our modern world.
We don’t all have the same background and skillset, but that shouldn’t stop us from creating. With the right tool and some initiative, anybody with these basic skills can be a creator of things.
If you’re interested in building a design tool, than you probably spend a lot of time working on your creativity. You might spend hours and hours trying to find the perfect design, or trying to find out how to bring the one you have to life.
Most designers struggle with finding ways to bring ideas to life. The focus is too often on the finishing of the design, rather than the ideas that got us there.
If only there was a better way to improve your creativity.

Migrate to Notion

You can do more with Notion than you can in a Word document. Because it is so flexible, you can also explore some stunning ideas to create a universal design tool.
Notion is a great tool for designers for a few reasons. Firstly, it is free. The program is absolutely free, unlike many other design tools out there.
Secondly, it has a great file explorer. The Notion file explorer has many neat tools that make it easier for you to work with files, and organize them.
Thirdly, it has color management. In many design tools, the color of the text you paste will stay constant. In Notion, the color of the text in the text field is mapped to the color that the text has in the original document.
Finally, it has a ton of tools that help improve your creativity. You

What’s New in the?

If you’re using Chrome, not much else will be needed. Download the extension and enjoy a nice and neat browsing experience.
Need more features? If you’d like to create a new database when you save a link, or have some other requests, go to the Notion Web Clipper Discourse to ask them. Have fun with Notion!
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