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Our Lady of the Valley

Our Lady of the Valley or also Our Lady of the Valley of Saan ( (Lopsuwat: Sap Nón Náht Nub), or St. Mary of the Valley) is an image of the Virgin Mary said to have been painted by the Franciscan artist Fray Juan de Arxeli y Barbagia, who was born in Girona and a member of a prominent Spanish merchant family, in the early 16th century in the valley of Saan (Silom, near the modern Roussillon, Catalonia, Spain), above the town of Binissalem.

The image is housed in the church of the same name (1575-1651), a parish church of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate and now the diocesan cathedral of Tarragona.


According to its inscription, the image was painted by a Spanish artist and was transported to Spain by Luis de San Ildefonso, the last count of Segorbe (1492–1521).

According to the narrative of St. Mary, the painting is the result of a dream of Saint Francis of Paula, in which “he saw an angel, who approached him, saying: ‘You have seen the great marvel of the eternal mother of God, daughter of pure and blessed Nazareth, holding in her hand a child, and said that you would have to paint a picture of her. Not only that, but this picture must be in the deepest valley, and it must look like a very beautiful and innocent valley, where one may rest more easily in a garden, with its flowering shrubs and its trees, with its sun and shade.”

The painting is framed in dark wood and consists of half-lengths of an angel and a child, in a light-blue

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