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Ghostzilla is a web browser designed for users who want to protect their personal information from prying eyes. It runs inside the windows of other applications (Outlook, for instance), making it look like you’re reading your email or working on a project.
How does it work? Once you perform a special combination with your mouse (go to the left margin of the screen, then to the right one, then to the first one again), the Ghostzilla browser pops up, perfectly integrated in the previous window you were using. The moment your mouse cursor leaves the window, Ghostzilla disappears (and it's neither minimized to the taskbar or system tray).
Ghostzilla takes out all colored text and images and replaces them with a grey scale version, so that there are no highlights. For example, if you log into a social network website, you can view an image by hovering your mouse, but the image is displayed as long as the cursor is kept over it.
The hiding level of the web pages can be adjusted in the Setup menu (from level one to level six). So, the web page can still look like any other browser, with full colors and large images (in level one), but it still disappears when you move the mouse away.
Moreover, Ghostzilla has a high level of security built into it, to the point when navigating becomes difficult due to the pop-up of many alert messages.
You can create a user profile, so that your personal settings, browse cache, history, passwords, certificates, preferences are saved and password-protected.
System memory is moderately used when Ghostzilla is running. Plus, we like the fact that the help file explains every single aspect of the program.
Our conclusion is that Ghostzilla is an excellent web browser with stealth capabilities. You can use it whether you are surfing the web at a public hotspot and don't want strangers to pry, or if web browsing for personal use is restricted in your line of work. There is also a portable edition available, called Portable Ghostzilla.


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Using Ghostzilla as a browser is akin to having invisible protection for all of your online activities. All of your personal data and credit card information will be invisible to prying eyes and ears, and only you will be able to access your account. Ghostzilla will allow you to see things as you would see them in other browsers, but without the risk of being tracked or encountering any annoying pop-up windows.
Ghostzilla will also have a silent way of sending your data to places online. For instance, you can just download a plugin and install it, so that you can buy and sell products on eBay without informing third parties.
Of course, you can navigate websites as usual, and even play games. But you are ensured that someone who wants to steal your personal information, passwords or credit card data is stopped. You can browse websites in “ghost mode” without your personal data being exposed.
Ghostzilla will also notify you via pop-up alerts if you are visiting a suspicious website. For instance, if you enter a website that offers you downloadable software, you will be informed that this page is a little bit suspicious.
Besides the standard browsing features, Ghostzilla features a unique stealth mode that will make you invisible to any web pages you visit. By using this mode, you will be able to browse without any limits. This will allow you to surf the web, listen to music, watch movies without being perceived or tracked.
As stated above, Ghostzilla is more secure than any other web browser. There is a level of security built in to the browser, which makes it hard for would be hackers and third party data protection services to access your data.
The browser helps you to keep your personal information private by automatically removing colored text and images, which makes it easier to browse in a public hotspot. As previously mentioned, you can choose the level of stealth protection that you want to use.
The browser also includes a number of tools that will assist you in protecting your data. An application can use the browser and Ghostzilla for most Internet activities, as well as other pieces of software, such as email, calendar, or contact management systems.
The browser supports plug-ins for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. Plugins will assist the browser in performing specific tasks.
The browser is portable, and is currently available for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.
For Windows XP, the browser will run directly from the ISO file and from a

Ghostzilla Registration Code

A browser made for maximum stealth, with a double-zero sized icon so that the program’s true size cannot be detected.
Ghostzilla adds a web browser to all your other windows, but it disappears without leaving a trace when you move away your mouse pointer.
Plus, you can create a user profile, so that your own browsing history, cookies, browsing cache, passwords, certificates and more are saved and password-protected.
In addition, Ghostzilla has a high level of security built in and allows you to browse at great levels of concealment.
Ghostzilla Portable Description:
Comes in a portable version.
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What’s New in the?

Jungle wars, anyone?
Ghostzilla is a way to avoid being spied on while browsing the Internet. It appears as if it was running inside the Windows application window you were using before and once you use a special combination with your mouse, it becomes visible on your screen as a web browser window.
Ghostzilla is designed to protect your personal information and to make sure that no one is watching you.
Your personal browsing history, certificates, passwords, cache, cookies, bookmarks, and even your system informations, your CPU load and network traffic is hidden from prying eyes.
It works quite easily: just look at the web page as you normally would, and once the cursor reaches the edge of the window, Ghostzilla will appear.
You can adjust the level of protection by raising or lowering the visual security level (1 to 6). The less sensitive Ghostzilla is, the easier it will be for you to browse the web. But, the less sensitive Ghostzilla is, the less secure it is too, so keep that in mind.
Once you set your Ghostzilla’s level of protection, you will find it difficult to navigate with it turned on.
You can use Ghostzilla only on wireless networks, because if you use a wired network, it will be like you are surfing the web from a public place.
This is only one myth. If you want to be at ease while browsing the web and your Ghostzilla is turned off, you can even surf on a wired network. But, if you turn it on, you’ll have to move your cursor away from the window you are browsing before the window disappears. And what if you want to put the computer to sleep?
To get rid of the invisible appearance, right-click on the taskbar and select Options. Go to the General tab, and under the Power button, click on Change settings that are currently unavailable. Select an option that says Disable the power button on the taskbar. This will make the windows disapear when you move your mouse away.
Ghostzilla Main Features
– A stealth web browser, designed to protect your personal information from prying eyes
– It uses a Windows feature that makes the web pages hidden until you move the cursor to the edge of the window
– Protects your personal information by preventing others from seeing your browsing history, personal certificates, passwords, cache, cookies, bookmarks, and your system informations
– It is designed to make web browsing more difficult

System Requirements For Ghostzilla:

OS: Win10 64bit, Win10 32bit, Win8 64bit, Win8 32bit
Processor: Intel i5 6700, Intel i7 7700 or AMD Ryzen 3 1200, AMD Ryzen 5 2400G
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Storage: 4 GB available space
Graphics: NVIDIA 1080 or AMD Radeon RX 570 or better
-The client will work on all platforms except Android.
-Optimized the code to improve performance and stability.
-New features and content have

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