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Fast Destination Finder is a handy and useful tool that provides the users with the ability of searching files or folders on their hard-drives.
With the help of this program you can easily scan for files or foldes and build or rebuild indexes.
The software has a background scan feature: allows background indexing (threading) while working.







Fast Destination Finder Crack+

Fast Destination Finder Activation Code is a handy and useful tool that provides the users with the ability of searching files or folders on their hard-drives.
With the help of this program you can easily scan for files or foldes and build or rebuild indexes.
The software has a background scan feature: allows background indexing (threading) while working.
Fast Destination Finder Serial Key Key Features:
► Fast & accurate indexing
► Can index folders
► Search for all types of files and folders
► Fast & high performance scanning
► Scanning is done while the program is in background mode, so the computer resources are not used for scanning.
► Indexing is performed silently in the background. A minimum of resources are consumed while indexing is in progress.
► Copies file dates to the clipboard for further use.
► In-depth information displayed about files as well as folders.
► Advanced search option
► Wizard mode helps to create and verify the scan results in a short period of time.
► Synchronization with SkyDrive (Microsoft cloud)
► Database is placed in %APPDATA%\FDFDB\
► Scanning is performed on selected folders
► Support for Vast: vast is a collaboration platform that drives the future of work. It empowers anyone, anywhere and anytime to create, work, connect, and share in a fast and flexible way.
► Once the results are saved, you can easily open the documents from there. Also, you can share the document with other people.
► Each result can be saved in XML format that is easier to integrate with other applications.
► Version History is displayed on the main window.
► The program supports multiple languages (English, Spanish, German, French, etc.)
► Supported format:.FDF
► Supported scanning mode: incremental and deep scan
► This is a great tool for quick document searches. This tool is suitable for everyone, as it is not very time consuming.
► This software is Easy to use. It requires no special skill.
► This program does not create any extra files on the system.
► System requirements: Windows 7/Vista/XP/10, 4GB RAM.
► Legal Notice: Downloading this software for free is allowed only for personal use. Any other usage of the software is prohibited.

Fast Destination Finder [Latest-2022]

* Find any files and folders in seconds
* Find many files and folders at once in just one scan (up to 1000)!
* Scan and index even over 2 TB of hard drives
* Find anything on FAT32 (and NTFS) drives
* Online support with email query reply
* Automatically start background indexing (threading)
* Continuous indexing (background) while working
* Amazing performance
* Auto hide all other windows except index list and taskbar while working
* Save and open files and folders
* Specify which program should open a file after the search
* Ability to quickly cancel any scan without closing index window
* Batch operations: search all files with one click
* Special keystrokes for search: Contains, End with, Find next, Find previous, Find in file, File search, search in file, Wildcard search
* Global search: search your entire computer and removable drives
* Network search: look on other computers that are joined to your local network
* HTML and text based search
* Search again and search on ftp, smb, or web servers
* Find (and replace) in multiple files and folders
* Sort and “keep” found files and folders
* Change display modes, colors and fonts
* Find and Replace text or replacement string in files
* Regex search
* Find and replace for entire text
* Recent files search
* Notepad, Wordpad, Notepad++, SQL queries search, TextPad editor, SAS Project Editor, Project Professional, SAS Editor, SAS Design Studio, SAS Architect, SAS QM, SAS VFM, SAS MVS, SAS HWR, SAS EXP, SAS WRX, SAS Enterprise Guide, Matlab, Mathematica, Mathematica Notebook, LibreOffice and other applications
* Target Disk Space (in MB) or files per time interval for indexing (in minutes or hours)
* Scans run in multiple threads
* Remove duplicate files and folders
* Specify random or sequential file name
* Image analysis: detect text, pictures, bars, URLs, signatures, barcodes and more…
* Local or Remote network searches
* PDF and image search
* Compress extracted files to 7z, ZIP, RAR, 7z-full, 7z-min, 7z-max, ZIP-full, ZIP-min, ZIP-max, TAR
* Upload files and folders to ftp, filezilla,

Fast Destination Finder For PC

Fast Destination Finder is used to quickly find any files or folder on your hard-drive, or any networked storage devices. It contains a File Search tool, folder navigation, bookmarking, indexing and much more.

Fast Destination Finder is the most versatile and high quality tool for finding files on your PC.

Now features Fast Filer which can search your folder or scan a whole network folder, one level at a time.

Fast Filer will only scan subfolders you search for. You can also build or rebuild indexes after the search.

Fast Filer is a multi-threaded process that allows it to search your PC multiple times while working.

Now supports more file types, full text search, indexing, navigation, bookmarking, email notification and much more.

Read detailed Fast Destination Finder User Guide and please send us feedback at

It’s a windows application which have simple Interface.On the main window there is File search field and a Resulst window, On the left side of the Form there is a search field and two buttons search Folder and Network Disk.On the top right there is a label file Indexing and a file drop down list.Also there is a label Folder and a drop down list with a content from the selected folder.On the bottom there is a tree view with two labels one is Network folder and another is local search results,On the right side there is a picture box with background color and text Field.

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What’s New in the Fast Destination Finder?

• Scan and index large or multiple folders and copy found files into a temporary folder.
• Ability to scan multiple folders at once.
• Add incremental search feature to switch between main folder and scanning folders
• Multi-thread scan: you can search multiple folders at once and when your main folder is done, Fast Destination Finder will start scanning other folders automatically without restarting.
• Scan images and files for duplicates across several folders
• Ability to index a single file without overwriting existing files with the same name.
• Add in-depth index statistics when finished indexing.
• Full text search support in a variety of languages.
• Ability to search in compressed files.
• Supports multiple languages: English, German, French, Italian, Czech, Slovenian, Serbian, Polish, Ukrainian, Danish, Hebrew, Finnish, Swedish and Russian.
• Ability to add tags to files and folders.
• Ability to add/rename or delete tags.
• Easy to use: scan and index, index statistics, rename folders and files, multi-thread, full text search

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System Requirements:

– DirectX 9.0c
– OS: Windows XP (64-bit), Windows Vista (64-bit) or Windows 7 (64-bit)
– Processor: 2.2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo / AMD Athlon 64 X2 2.0 GHz or higher
– RAM: 1 GB
– Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 or AMD Radeon HD 6970, 512 MB
– Hard Disk: 13 GB
– Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480 or AMD Radeon HD 5870, 1 GB
– Sound Card: DirectX

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