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The first in-engine RPG action title created by the legendary software company Gratin Games!
Game Features
1. Asynchronous online play with up to three friends
*An epic event where you can freely go and explore together with the other two players will occur depending on the weekly maintenance schedule.
*An online adventure to challenge and accompany you until you get to the end.
2. A broad variety of classes and skills
*Choose from over 300 class and skills to customize your character.
3. A variety of jobs and quests
*Action and RPG elements are seamlessly combined to make your journey exciting.
4. Great graphics that won’t disappoint
*A massive and richly detailed world, presenting large castle towns, mysterious dungeons, and open fields.
5. A strong heroine
*An indestructible princess that wields extraordinary powers.
6. Classic JRPG exciting battle scenes
*Various battles in the game, made even more exciting by the intense combat effects and real time action.
7. Full freedom of movement
*You can freely roam around the map as you please. Explore as much as you want to!
8. A variety of events and bonuses
*An incredible story of a grand adventure across lands full of excitement awaits you in a variety of events such as foraging, fishing, mountain climbing, and fetch quests.
9. Adventurers to meet and meet
*As your journey progresses, you will meet various people in the world who will become your companions.
10. The power of the Elden Ring Activation Code
*Combine different Elends and wield their powers to become an Elden Lord.
11. And much more!
*The full array of content that awaits you.
About Gratin Games
Gratin Games are a veteran Japanese software developer with an illustrious history as one of the leading developers of console games for the PlayStation, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation 3. Their worldwide hit franchise Dragon Quest is currently celebrating its 20th anniversary. Gratin Games was founded in February 1998 as a small independent game development studio, and more than 90% of their business is focused on the online business. They continue to develop titles that are fun, unique, and entertaining. They are also currently developing all of their main series titles with a full team of more than 40 employees, including the original creators of the Dragon Quest franchise, Yuji Horii and Kunio Iwai.
New Fantasy Action RPG – Launching May 26 in Japan


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Huge Battleground Map – Advanced General Strategy Game
    Constant battles with large battles in a huge open world are waiting for you. Full of epic battles and victories, a large environment filled with monsters for you to fight as well as a large open world to enjoy.

  • Card to Complete – Complete the Textures, Items, etc. of Character
    Collect a variety of items and become the most powerful character in an era where the strongest always come out on top.

  • AFFORESTIC RPG – More Advance Graphical Style and Sound Effects
    A graphical style that captures the pure fantasy world with lively music you can enjoy at your own leisure and the authentic and robust simultaneous battle effects (While the others were good but you missed them.) That is why we will keep on bringing you enchanting game of fantasy!

  • Add Dynamic Elements to the Game
    In addition to creating an open yet highly exciting world, we will be adding the elements you expect from the world of fantasy — this is the title of the game.

    • Action RPG
      Full of drama and you can achieve an amazing sense of accomplishment because you are part of it: the new fantasy action RPG!
    • Huge Battleground Map
      Constant battles with large battles in a huge open world are waiting for you. Full of epic battles and victories, a large environment filled with monsters for you to fight as well as a large open world to enjoy.

    • Interactive Battles
      Fight alongside your allies and take on the enemies head-on using cutting-edge and interactive battle mechanics that are different every time you play.
    • Card to Complete
      Collect items that have been passed down by the great heroes, and develop a new character who has excellent combat ability and awesome spells. There is no limit to the amount of development you can do.
    • Unique Online Play that Loosely Connects You to Others
      Fight alongside your allies in battles, journey to new places and meet new people.
    • Photographs
      Appreciate your surroundings by taking photos with your phone while playing, and make them even more stylish.
    • Realistic and Reactive Sounds*
      *Audio samples included are from the game as reported by users at the time of writing.


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    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • Download, Extract & Install the Game & Code
  • SetLanguage
  • (3rd Party) Patch the Exe
  • Download, Extract & Install the Game & Code

    1. Right-click on the setup exe of the game’s download file and select “Extract here”.

    2. Extract the contents to a temporary directory and run the game.

    Elden Ring

    3. On the main page of the game after you start the game, click on “Download Code: A Portal of the Elden Ring”.

    4. Click on “Extract Code: The Portal of the Elden Ring” to extract the code and create a folder with the name extracted data.

    5. Copy the folder that was created in the previous step to the game’s root folder. Open and enter the folder you created in the previous step.

    6. Run the game.


    1. Select “Menu” on the main page of the game.

    2. Select “Language” in the upper-left corner.

    3. Change the three values (Country, Language, Currency) and click on the “OK” button to save the settings.

    4. Click on “Close” to exit the options menu.

    5. Click on “Start” to load the game and start playing.

    (3rd Party) Patch the Exe

    1. Download the patch.exe file.

    2. Run the patch.exe application to start the patch.

    Elden Ring

    System Requirements:

    Recommended Requirements:
    To begin play, you will be prompted to sign in or sign up for an account. If you already have an account and are simply looking to use it, select “Sign In”. If you are creating a new account, you can either select to “Create an account” to get started or “Sign Up”.
    If you choose to “Create an account”, you will be prompted to select your username, password, and a “Security Question”. Select “Create Account” to proceed. Once your


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